The modern-day has brought forth new age stressors and hectic schedules that leave most people drained, and to cope, they have been looking for ways to feel more energized and alert. Along with getting enough sleep, the most important factors for feeling your best are eating a nutrient-dense diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, and practicing self-care. There is also a presence of some supplements, including herbal ones, that have successfully shown how to boost your energy and cognitive health. There is a presence of several herbs and spices that may help in improving brain health if consumed regularly. Various types of these herbs and spices have been studied for their effects on Alzheimer's disease, while others for their overall effects on cognition which is the mental action or process involved in thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering. The following list contains 6 natural herbs that have been successful in boosting the consumers' mental health of those herbs. Herbal Supplements There have been talks of various types of herbal supplements that encourage mental relaxation in people dealing with stress and anxiety. Many herbal teas promise to help with anxiety and ease in sleeping conditions. However, some people find the process of making and drinking tea soothing and treat it like therapy itself. Still, some teams also have the potential to have a more direct effect on the brain, resulting in reduced anxiety. The results found from a small 2018 trial suggest that chamomile can alter cortisol levels, a stress hormone present in people suffering from anxiety and stress disorder. Like herbal teas, there is a presence of many herbal supplements that claim to reduce anxiety. However, due to proper studies and scientific evidence, these claims are still treated with cynicism. Untreated anxiety can get worse and cause more stress in the life of a person. However, anxiety is highly treatable with therapy, natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and medications. Moreover, a person may need to try several therapies and remedies before finding one that works.  

1. Kratom

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Kratom is a natural supplement that is widely used for boosting mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. It is a tree found in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, etc. You can find kratom in multiple forms like capsules and powder. Depending on the type of kratom vein color, the effects of kratom strains differ. Red vein, white vein, and green vein are the most popular types of kratom depending on the kratom color, while there is the categorization of kratom on the basis of place of origin also like Bali kratom(comes from Bali place), Indo(comes from Indonesia) and Thai(coming from Thailand). The biggest challenge kratom faces is to get legalized all over the world. It’s still struggling to get the white cap of Mr. Perfect to try to supplement. So if you want to try it, be sure to check if it’s legal at your place. When you talk about buying kratom then it’s simple and easy. You can buy kratom online from trusted and reputable vendors like Goldenmonk, bulk kratom, etc.

2. Turmeric

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Turmeric is a spice that has been known to be used profusely in Ayurveda. This herb contains a compound called curcumin, which is the carrier of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These two factors of turmeric benefit brain health and physical health in the consumers. According to a review, preliminary research suggests that this herb may boost brain health and recuperate Alzheimer's disease. This is done by clearing the brain of beta-amyloid, which is a protein fragment. The build-up of beta-amyloid is known to form Alzheimer's-related brain plaques. Along with this, turmeric may successfully shield guard brain health by inhibiting the breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Turmeric is a key ingredient in curry powder, which typically also includes such spices as coriander and cumin. To increase your intake of turmeric, it is advised to try adding curry powder or turmeric to stir-fries, soups, and vegetable dishes. Apart from this, the consumer may include a couple of dashes of black pepper to enhance the absorption of turmeric.

3. Ginseng

One of the most popular herbal supplements, Ginseng, is well known for its energy-boosting properties. It has also been reported to stimulate brain function, making it a sought-after herb for improving sports and mental performance. Panax Ginseng, a tributary of the herb, is known as the most studied type in human trials. Ginseng contains compounds that include ginsenosides, eleutherosides, and ciwujianosides. These are thought to give Ginseng the effectiveness in the performance and energy enhancing effects. In several human studies, the process of supplementing with Ginseng has been reported to show the improvement in physical performance in passive and active people. It has also been offered with anti-fatigue properties and boosts mental alertness. The doses of 200–1,000 mg per day have been associated with effects on adults' energy levels, concentration, and mood. The effects have been visible and thus the popularity of the substance. However, keep in mind that ginseng use comes with potential side effects as well. The list of side effects includes insomnia, diarrhea, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Along with this, the herb has the potential to interfere and react with common medications, such as those used to treat diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

4. Sage

Sage is a spice known for its spicy scent as well as various health-benefiting properties. The herb also improves cognition and aids in treating patients who have Alzheimer's disease. It is also known that a research review published in 2017 suggested that sage contains compounds that may be beneficial for cognitive and neurological functions in the consumer of this herb. It is advised to try and add sage to butternut squash, roasted chicken, turkey, tomato sauce, or in a white bean soup to incorporate a tasty and healthy dish. However, the herb known as Sage can also be consumed in tea form.

5. Guarana

Guarana is that sort of herb that is commonly used as an ingredient in energy drinks and supplements. The main reason behind this is the presence of stimulating effects that it consists of. It contains a wide plethora of chemicals, including caffeine, saponins, and tannins, which are considered to provide beneficial effects on energy and brain function in the consumers of this herb. While various types of human studies have found mixed results, other studies that have been performed have shown a positive result. This result states that supplementing with guarana extract alone or combined with other nutrients in doses ranging from 37.5–300 mg help in boosting attention, alertness, and memory performance. There had been a small study conducted among 10 pentathlon athletes. They were introduced into supplementing with 300 mg of guarana, and it was observed that it helps reduce the perceived exertion and improves athletic and cognitive performances. Although the guarana is generally considered safe, supplementing this to the consumer may lead to side effects like increased heart rate and anxiety when taken in high doses.